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The Defence Matters project initiative is more than just a Defence website. It is a discussion platform centering around defence matters and a joint initiative between four media outlets from four different countries.

More specifically the Defence Matters project is a joint initiative between (Greece), FP – Adevarul (Romania), LETA News Agency (Latvia) and Pravda Newspaper (Slovakia) and relates to the NATO “Defence Matters” campaign.

We aim through this project to create an international dialogue on matters of defence and demonstrate how the relationship with NATO can be strengthened through bilateral forms of cooperation and new initiatives.

As the project grows we will provide the public with general information concerning NATO’s role and activities but also with specialised information concerning euro-atlantic defence, in this way bringing the public closer to understanding matters of national security.

What makes this project stand out is seeing media interoperability between countries on a topic such as defence in action. With all content on this site having visibility in all of the four countries the defence dialogue instantly becomes broader.


Eleni Panayiotou Editor and Project Co-ordinator of Defence Matters and News Editor of Defence Website - Greece
Octavian Manea Editor of Defence Matters and Editor on Euro-Atlantic security issues for Αdevarul Romania. He is also a contributor to 22 weekly and Small Wars Journal
Andrej Matišák Editor of Defence Matters and Deputy Head of Foreign Desk, daily Pravda, Slovakia
Guntars Grīnums Editor of Defence Matters and Head of the Foreign News Department, Latvian information agency LETA


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